"Back from the Brink - Montana's Wildlife Legacy" is a historical two-part documentary about exploitation and depletion, need and greed and ultimately a story of restoration, renewal and rebirth of Montana's rich wildlife resource. Both parts include many historical photos, films, illustrations, paintings and interviews of old timers, citizens, sportsmen, historians, and wildlife experts. A second edition of the DVD is now available with chapters for education.

Part One chronicles the depletion of Montana's wildlife during the 1800s and also features the beginning of Montana's conservation movement during the first half of the 20th Century.

Part Two documents how Montana citizens, state and federal agencies and universities worked together to take action in restoring the state's once abundant big game and furbearer populations.

A companion book, "Montana's Wildlife Legacy: Decimation to Restoration" is also available detailing the video documentary. More information on the book can be found by visiting http://www.montanaswildlifelegacy.com/

This historical documentary exemplifies what an important role the people of Montana had in restoring the State's wildlife populations. This is a unique and very special gift bestowed upon the residents of Montana, but comes with a responsibility. As residents of this great state we have to work together so that never again will Montana's wildlife have to be brought "Back from the Brink.

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